Our Charter School Experience with Commonwealth Connections Academy

by Parent

When my son was in 1st grade at a brick and mortar school, he had a terrifying experience that would shape the way he felt about learning. He came home with bruises on his stomach after a group of five 2nd graders knocked him down on the playground and took turns kicking him. The school did nothing to the students responsible but made my son feel badly about what had happened. After that day, my son hated school and I worried about my son’s safety. To me, that is not how a child’s learning experience should go.

Two years ago, as we considered various educational opportunities, we came across Commonwealth Connections Academy (CCA) while researching online public schools on the internet. We were impressed by the various clubs and activities, numerous field trips, and wide array of elective courses. Not once have I regretted our decision to enroll with Connections Academy. They have truly been a blessing in our lives. My timid son has come out of his shell and looks forward to visiting friends during field trips. He is excelling!

The staff, from enrollment to teachers and learning support to computer technicians, is knowledgeable and friendly. When I requested testing for learning disabilities, my request was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Throughout the entire process, I knew they had my son’s best interests at heart! I have also found the teachers to be accessible and quick to respond to questions. They allow my son the extra time he needs to complete assignments and have worked together with me to find ways for him to express his thoughts in ways in which he excels.

The flexible schedule is another invaluable part of the Connections Academy learning experience. It allows us to take a break when my son gets frustrated with a lesson or to switch to another subject for awhile. As someone who has pain on a daily basis from fibromyalgia, it allows me to be a part of my son’s learning experience without having the stress of lesson planning and documentation for the state that would be necessary for homeschooling.

It is the professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to their students and ensuring that the students have the tools they need to learn and grow that continues to keep us with CCA. Thank you, CCA for your dedication to quality education that allows children to soar! We look forward to the years ahead as we continue to be a part of the Commonwealth Connections Academy family!

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