Pros and Cons of Teaching Textbooks

by Kellee
(Auburn, PA)

I used Teaching Textbooks for my 4th grader, my 6th grader, and my 8th grader.

My 6th grader is a math whiz and did NOT like this curriculum because it was not challenging enough. I put him back on his old curriculum "Study Time". It's a lot of work but he loves it.

My 8th grader is a Lang. Arts whiz but weak in Math. Even using T.T. his grades were not where I expected them to be. He was still averaging a C. He just simply hates math.

My daughter is a little on the slower side. She is still at grade level however any kind of heavy work load discourages her. Teaching Textbooks was perfect for her, however there are on 119 lessons. She still has 1 month of school left. Also I found that I still have to supplement her work because to me 30 min. of math is not enough (when you are including the lecture). I prefer a lot of drill practice.

Lastly, I miss a Godly curriculum. The word problems are so nonsensical. I am used to word problems that deal with Christian Values and encourage logical thinking skills in our every day encounters with real life situations.

Christian parents, do not settle for 2nd best just because a curriculum offers to take the place of you! I know Homeschooling is challenging, that is why I thought this was the answer. However, it did not accomplish what I had hoped. Sure it taught my children some things and I really liked the idea of step by step solutions to each problem. But as a whole, I would rather have a curriculum with a Godly, Christlike influence. It might be extra work for me, but isn't that what it's all about?

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