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by Robin

Product: Reading A-Z
Levels: K-5

Likes: Reading A-Z is a wonderful tool to use in reading instruction. It has leveled books that range from Kindergarten level all the way through fifth grade. I have used the program to tutor many students that are having a difficult time learning to read. The plus with this website is that you have access to reading materials that can be matched with the precise level of the reader.

Research shows that children will learn and progress in reading best when the material is that their instructional level. This means that it is not too hard but is also not too easy. Using the testing materials on the website, you can match a child to the correct reading level (AA-Z) and then work through the books.

A subscription with the website gives full access to all levels of books (K-5th) as well as very detailed lesson plans and accompanying worksheets. The books are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction with MANY boy-friendly selections.

The website also includes phonics, vocabulary, poetry, and assessment components as well as web-based training seminars. As a former Reading Recovery teacher, I find this site to be outstanding in its research base. I have personally recommended it to several homeschool families and am currently using it as one component of my language arts program to homeschool my Kindergarten son.

Dislikes: The expense of printing the books would be my only complaint but it is outweighed by the many benefits. I would also caution homeschool parents that it is not necessary to do every book in every level. Some children be ready to move to the next level after 5, 10, or 15 books depending on the child.

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