Robinson Curriculum

by Karilyn
(Minot, ND USA)

Product: Robinson Curriculum
Subject: All
Levels Used: 3rd-6th grades
Dates Used: July 2008-current

Likes: It is easy, fun, and very little planning is involved. It is a complete curriculum that encompasses every age and grade level! It was written to be self-taught by the students themselves and it works with every different type of learner.

Our children love to read and this has incorporated more classical books, unabridged books, and they are not "politically correct" for today's day and age. I believe that if we're learning about the 1500's then we need to learn in their language and the way that they talk, lest we forget. If we're learning about the 1900's we need to know about them, what they did, who the worshiped, the reasons they did what they did, as well as their own language.

Our children have learned more by reading books then they have by studying workbooks and textbooks. They comprehend what happened and they remember what they have read more often.

Dislikes: The only dislike I have about Robinson Curriculum is that Saxon Math is suggested for us and it did not work at all for either of my children.

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