Rod and Staff 1st Grade Phonics and Reading

by Carle

Product:Rod and Staff 1st grade Phonics and Reading

Subject:Phonics and Reading (includes spelling, vocab, intro to grammar)

Levels Used:1st grade

Dates Used:April 2008-continuing

Likes: We are not finished with this grade level yet, but so far it is a hit in our house. The stories and poetry are simple to read and have such good morals. I find that my daughter wants to be good like the kids in the stories. I love that!

My child was reading before she began this program, so we use it more as a tool to teach the phonics rules and for the morals and comprehension practice in the reading workbook than to teach to read. The T.M. is easy to follow, and gives ideas and instructions for classroom/lesson time.

Dislikes:None so far. I was initially worried about only doing Bible stories and poetry. But the reading lessons are short and can carry over into any other reading we are doing. It is not so overwhelming that she is too worn out for any other books.

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