Rod and Staff 1st Grade Reading

by Carle

Rod and Staff Reading
1st Grade
2007- current with different children

Likes: I like that it consists of all Bible Stories. I like the way it introduces some sight words in the beginning so that a new learner can jump right in with confidence and feel like they are really reading. I like the Bible memory verses included. I like that it gradually moves away from sight words to reading with the child's increasing phonics skills (if you are using it along with R&S phonics it goes perfectly.) I like the workbook work and I feel it is all relevant work, not busy work.

Dislikes: I kind of dislike the amount of workbook work. If you are doing the full 1st grade program the child has 2 math pages, 2 phonics pages, 1 handwriting page, plus 2 reading workbook pages. It can make for a lot of written work for a 6 yr old, especially if your child is doing other non core subjects like mine is (foreign language, history, and science, not included w/R&S 1st grade.) I do have to cut some of the written work on some days.

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