Rod and Staff ABC Preschool Series

by Cheryl
(Sandusky, MI USA)

Product: Rod and Staff ABC Preschool Series
Subject: all
Levels Used: preK
Dates Used: 2007 and 2009

Likes: I really enjoy the simple layout and graphics. We are in a rural, farming community so they relate and see many of the items in the pictures although we may not have them in our house.

I love the Bible focus and the solid principals of kindness, helpfulness, and family that it reinforces. Both of my children liked the balance of coloring, tracing/writing, cutting and pasting. There are even a few stories that you insert the boy through the slit in the page- My son loved it!!

I also liked how as you went through D, E and F, the sounds are reviewed and some harder concepts are introduced like greater than and less than, etc.

And for the price ($14.95 I think without the Bible reader) you can't get a better preschool curriculum!! I would recommend the extra $5 for the children's Bible story book, it's very nice.

Dislikes: There were a few days where my children were not in a coloring mood, so that could be a negative if your child is not a colorer. Rod and Staff has a book Before 3 or something like that. I would recommend that book before the ABC series as a test to see if your child is ready.

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