Rod and Staff A-B-C Series Review

by Carletta
(McKinney, Texas)

Product: Rod and Staff A-B-C Series
Subject: preschool workbooks
Levels Used: A through F
Dates Used: 2007-2008

Likes: We love Rod and Staff preschool workbooks! The workbooks are each labled A-F, and B is a book of Bible coloring pages to be used with Rod and Staff's Bible stories.

The workbooks are simple to use and contain brief directions on each page. The program does not contain any additional lesson plans. It is a straight foward program that leaves me with plenty of time to focus on teaching my older child.

The A-B-C series teaches preschool math, alphabet, handwriting and pre-reading skills. It contains built in cutting and pasting activities that strengthen fine motor skills and make the program fun for children.

Rod and Staff A-B-C Series can also be used as a gentle K program as the complete Rod and Staff curriculum begins with 1st grade.

Rod and Staff is a mennonite company, and contains references to prayer, scripture, Bible stories and Christian values and principles. This is a plus for our family!

This program is inexpensive compared to other preschool programs.

Dislikes: The workbook pages are black and white, and the page directions often involve coloring pictures. My daughter does not enjoy coloring the pages, so I do not ask her to. However, she does enjoy the workbooks and looks forward to doing school like her big brother. :)

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