Rod and Staff English Series

by Laurie
(Hunt, TX, USA)

Product: Rod and Staff Textbooks, workbooks & Test booklets
Subject: English
Levels Used: Grades 3 - 7
Dates Used: 2004-Present

Likes: These books are so friendly and thorough in their progression of learning English Grammar. They are highly Christian since they are published by a Mennonite publisher, and we love the use of Bible stories in diagramming our sentences. The writing lessons are interspersed with the grammar lessons so there is variety each week in what is needed. The workbooks provide nice practice without being fluffy or overwhelming. The tests are a manageable length and thorough in their makeup.

Each year builds upon the previous, but the review that is built into each book would most likely allow one to pick up the book mid-series with little difficulty.

I do use the teacher book each year to help me double check answers and to explain further, however I have not needed to use it to teach from. I have felt no need to add to this curriculum as far as songs or writing curriculum. It is very thorough in all of the English grammar skills. We will continue this series through to the end since we have enjoyed it so much.

Dislikes: The only thing we did not like at the beginning was that there is so much practice with each lesson that we could not keep up each day. Once we adapted the length of the lesson to suit our family (we do LOTS of the practice as oral practice), we have no other dislikes.

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