Rod and Staff English

by Carle

Rod and Staff English
Grades 2 and 3
Dates used: 2009-current

Likes: I like everything about this program. I like that it is straightforward, simple, and old fashioned. Yes, I even like the pastel colors of Rod and Staff. I find them calming. I like how the program introduces each step of the process they working on gradually. I like the fact that the books are non consumable, so that I can pass them down to my younger without even having to buy another workbook. I like the daily review portion in the Teacher's Manual. It makes it easy to review past lessons with my child without having to come up with it on my own. My daughter likes the extra activities at the end of each section. I like the fact that it uses Bible stories and sentences. It helps reinforce her Bible knowledge while she works on English.

I am finding the writing instructions in grade 3 to be very helpful as well. This is a difficult thing to teach, but R&S really breaks the process down and makes it easy to teach from and expand upon.

Dislikes: I really can't think of any. I guess I would like some other poetry in an English program besides just the very few Bible poems included. For me it has not been an issue. I just make sure to read other important children's poetry from other books.

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