Rod and Staff is Super

by Michele
(North Babylon, New York, USA)

The Rod and Staff textbooks are the best textbooks for the price. they are so clear, thorough, and masterfully written. They are targeted to the Christian. So if you're not a Christian then they are not the textbooks for you. If you are a Christian, then they will help you give your child a true Christ-centered education, like nothing else I've seen.

The only draw back I see, is that they don't do any justice to Black American history and the girls and boys are always in traditional roles (girls sewing, boys cutting wood). Also they don't have modern things in their material like: labtops, cellphones, ipods, etc. Women wash clothes, men rake the yard. This doesn't bother me in the younger grades. They don't like sports either so I don't think you'll ever see a picture of a football game in their books.

The content is presented 2nd to none. They stand alone in this area. Your child will be highly educated, with pertinent and practical knowledge with R & S. The stuff they are lacking you can get some where else, however, the stuff they have would be hard to find anywhere else. I've used R & S for 7 years.

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