Rod and Staff Phonics

by Carle

Rod and Staff Phonics
grades 1-2

Likes: I like that it really explains the rules and there is no fluff. You really know your whys behind the phonics rules with this program. It is not just learn to read. You learn to spell and learn the reason behind the words that seem like "rule breakers." I like that it doesn't have colorful, cartoony distracting graphics like so many phonics programs I have seen. The focus is on the phonics and nothing else. I like that the teacher's manual gives instructions for spelling, dictation, and extra activities. It makes this a complete learn to read program for a 1st grader, even if you don't use the accompanying reading program and just use your own readers instead.

Dislikes: Because it gets so deep into the rules and is very intense (2 workbook pages a day, plus extra work in the T.M.) and it progresses at a fast pace introducing a new rule each day, it was a little tough for one of my 1st graders. It did work, and she is still learning with this program, but I had to slow it down and stretch 1 lesson out over a couple of days instead of 1 each day.

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