Rod and Staff Preschool

by Carle

Product: Rod and Staff Preschool Workbooks
Subject: Preschool
Levels Used: Preschool
Dates Used: April 2008- continuing

Likes: I love everything about these. I was first drawn to the old fashioned drawings and pastel colors of Rod and Staff's books. Both my 4 yr old and 6 yr old enjoy doing the Bible stories to read and coloring book together. The workbooks are inexpensive, and give directions to the parent on ideas for each page. They seem to introduce all of the preschool topics that I would like to introduce in a simple way. I follow these in order, as I think they go in a comprehensive way, as opposed to some other inexpensive workbooks that I have bought before. They have a good mix of cut/paste, stories, coloring and other pre K things.

Dislikes: This is not a dislike, but I do like to add a little more to the preschool program. Mostly things like nursery rhymes that are not included. But it is not hard to read additional books of children's poetry and listen to songs.

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