Rod & Staff ABC Preschool Series

by Melanie Antonacci
(Rochester, IL, USA)

Product: Rod & Staff ABC Preschool Series
Subject: Pre-K
Levels Used: Pre-K for 4-5 year olds
Dates Used: 2010/11

Likes: Simple, Christ Centered, not flashy, fun

Dislikes: none

I used this with my 5 year old who wasn't quite ready for K. Rod & Staff has 2 levels of Pre-K, and then goes right into 1st grade. In this series there are a lot of fun crafts using cut, color and pastes, number and letter recognition, Bible stories, and more. I got the A,B,C,D,E and F books. (G, H, and I was not yet available.)

This was very well liked by my 5 year old and me. It was perfect to use as I needed to spend more time with my older students. The Bible Stories were short, and the directions were easy to follow, allowing my child to do most the activities on his own with very little help.

This set of seven books including the "Bible Stories to Read" storybook is only $19.95 which is well worth much more. I highly recommend.

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