Rod & Staff Grammar

by Kelly
(NW Oregon)

We've used K-6 and 8th grade grammar.

First, the older levels are very advanced. We've found they work best at 6-8 levels at grade level or a year behind. For example, our 9th grade daughter finds Level 8 more than enough work.

While K-6 is extremely thorough, the older levels are very different. Oh, they are still thorough, but it is no longer the "rote" work. In levels K-6 we've found doing at least part of the lesson orally helps younger children to not be so overwhelmed by the amount of work to be completed.

When a child finishes R&S Grammar they will have a thorough working knowledge of grammar. It is a religious program, not secular. It certainly works best with Mom teaching rather than a DIY program. It isn't incredibly time intensive for Mom though. We love that the books are non-consumable and the price is excellent.

The older levels - we took a two year "break" from R&S with our oldest DD. She has just started back with Level 8. We are both very pleasantly surprised at the writing assignments. They thoroughly explain the writing process and have assignments that lend itself towards good writing structure and form. It works well with Institute for Excellence in Writing.

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