Rod & Staff

by Megan
(Detroit, MI)

Product: Rod & Staff
Subject: English, Reading, Spelling, Math, Phonics
Levels Used: K-2, currently in 3rd
Dates Used:2006-present

We love how God-centered this curriculum is. My children are getting familiar with the Bible, while getting a thorough education in english grammar and reading.

English- It is very gentle; moves slowly and thoroughly.

Reading- This is completely Bible Stories. The workbook contains lots of practice in comprehension and vocabulary, as well as reinforcing English concepts.

Phonics and Spelling- I don't have much to say about these. I don't love or hate them. They work well at what they intend to teach.

Math- People seem to love or hate R&S math. I had read lots of positive reviews on this and had high hopes, but we are abandoning it after a year and a half. It is thorough and gentle, like the rest of R&S. It is great for learning math facts and is a straightforward math program. -But- its SO boring! Poke-me-in-the-eye boring. It is NOT working for this mathy family. My son is a bit advanced in math and it just doesn't move fast enough. My DD is wiggly and must learn with her hands. I recently bought MUS and after a month and a half, they love it and don't want to look at R&S anymore. And neither do I! That said, DD loves the ducks in Gr 1, so we do use that with Friendly Farm Animal Counters (they have duckies :) )

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