Sarah & David Hebrew

by Megan

Product: Sarah & David Hebrew
Subject: Hebrew
Levels Used: the Aleph Bet Story
Dates Used: 2008-2009

Likes: This curriculum starts with the Aleph Bet Story. It's a whimsical, fun story book and CD that introduces each Hebrew letter. The pictures are unique and describe each letter in a fun, memorable way. For example, Daled has a deep, dark, dusty corner, and Benny Bet has a belly button. I've never seen anything that made it so easy and fun to learn the Aleph Bet.

My children have learned the letters without any effort, by reading the book and playing and replaying and replaying the CD again and again. We're now working our way through the Aleph Bet Workbook, which teaches how to write each letter along with a little vocabulary on each page.

There are then 5 books that continue to teach writing and reading. We've struggled with trying to learn Hebrew and not sticking to anything. (being that DH and I are learning as well, it's difficult without really knowing what we're doing). This has made it easy and fun, something I didn't know was possible!

And the customer service provided by the company is absolutely excellent. The owner/creator has actually called me to see if I had questions and was very helpful as I prepared for this coming school year. Never had that happen before! They also have a lot of support on the website, including audio files, transliterations, and teacher helps and printouts.

Dislikes: The only downside I can see is the price. It's a fairly new company, so I had a very hard time finding anything used and what was out there wasn't any cheaper. So if you decide to go this route, be prepared to buy new. They do have some nice packages now that makes it a little easier.

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