Saxon Algebra 1

by Rebekah
(Kissimmee, FL USA)

Saxon Algebra 1
Math 1 in first grade through Algebra 1
2004 - present

I like Saxon because it is easy to use and to teach. The customer service department is just a courteous phone call away in case you do not understand something you are trying to teach your children. I struggled with math myself growing up and this program has actually helped me get the concepts of things I could not years ago. My son has excelled in this program every year. I like that it uses repetition to make sure the child really understands the concepts taught. I think that the teaching CD's in the Algebra 1 are great in that it actually does every single problem in every lesson if your child needs help understanding it.

The only negative I would be able to say about it, has to do with the teaching CD for this level. The woman has a very soft and sort of monotonous tone of voice. It is very difficult for my son to listen to her. He gets very bored and distracted with her and then gets frustrated. He preferred the man in the pre-algebra level.

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