Saxon Math 1

by Jacquie
(Wooster, OH)

Product: Saxon math 1
Subject: Math
Levels Used: 1st
Dates Used: August 2010-May 2011

hands on
well organized
variety of activities and methods to teach a topic

Sort of boring as far as color goes. The pages are B&W, which is fine, but some color would be nice! Can also be a bit pricey.

We used Saxon for 1st grade. I liked that it used so many manipulatives. It's gone pretty well for the most part. My daughter is still struggling to figure out the addition facts at the end of the year. Not sure if that's just her or the program.

The way Saxon works is that you use manipulatives to introduce the math facts and other concepts then they are to rely more on strategies and mental math to figure them out. I think this is where we're having the issue. She can do the addition fine with manipulatives, it's just remembering them or how to figure the out on her own.

They have a 25 problem practice sheet to do and grade each day. It's good review for her but has caused some anxiety because she's afraid of getting them wrong!

Anyway I like that the book is scripted, it made it really easy to teach! The materials listed for each day make it easy to prepare for as well. Overall we've enjoyed it. I just wish we could figure out the addition facts!

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