Saxon Math 54 and up

by Jennifer
(Edom, TX)

Product: Saxon Math 54, 65, 76
Subject: Basic math
Levels Used: 4th to 7th grade
Dates Used: 2006 to present

Likes: We started with Saxon 54 in the 4th grade. We did not use the curriculum for the lower grades. At that time I was teaching the girls basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, time and money with my own ideas. We moved into 54 from there.

Each lesson is taught at the beginning of the chapter in the student book. No teacher manual needed. I also like that the child can learn on their own, just by reading the lesson. Very repetitive and does not just skim the topic. My girls do have a solid foundation in math so far. Now that one of the girls is into 76, I noticed that some of the problems are starting to look like Algebra so when they reach Algebra I don't think they will be intimidated by it.

Dislikes: Some of the newer editions do not look the same as the older ones and makes me wonder if there has been a change with the style of teaching.

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