Saxon Math Curriculum

by Cathy
(Margate, FL)

Being a new homeschooler and having pulled my 12 year old out of public school after finishing 6th grade, I didn't know where to start with math. I knew he wasn't at level so I decided on Saxon 5/4. This may be a little too easy for him although there are some concepts that he truly doesn't know. I am glad I purchased the one I did. I purchased Saxon math curriculum on my own and just based on the descriptions written in the catalog. This was definitely a good choice!

I have 5 children and my 12 year old can do this on his own. It is easy to use and I look forward to using it again next year. Coming out of public school, my son had very little enthusiasm for learning but actually enjoys his math. I don't feel it goes into depth enough but if need be you can substitute with something that addresses the problem areas.

Overall my son and I are happy with Saxon math curriculum! If a new homeschooling mom with 5 kids can use it then it may be good for others in similar situations! I've been using for five weeks, doing one lesson a day.

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