Saxon Math

by Amy B.

Product: Saxon Math
Subject: Math
Levels Used: First through Algebra 2
Dates Used: 2001 - 2008

Likes: A complete Math program that includes constant review. The elementary grades are completely laid out for you and are even scripted. The only teacher preparation would be to gather the manipulatives needed for the days lesson.

Often parents begin their child in Saxon Math with the 5/4 textbook. However, having used this from Kindergarten and on with my third child, I can see how Saxon really builds upon itself and the benefits your child would receive by using Saxon right from the start. Terms which my sound strange or difficult to a fifth or sixth grader just starting the program are easy to grasp for a child who has heard them since K - 3.

Beginning with Saxon 5/4 there is really no teacher preparation at all yet your student will receive an outstanding math education. My oldest is using Algebra 2 this year. The newer additions are even better than the old since they include chapter reference numbers with each problem - really important for the higher math.

Dislikes: I have one child who did not thrive with Saxon although he consistently performed at grade level on standardized tests. The spiral learning approach is ideal for many students (including 2 of my other children), but he needed a different learning style in order to excel.

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