Simple and it Works!

by Betsy
(Allen, TX)

Product: A Beka Oral Language Exercises
Subject: Grammar
Levels Used: Grades 1 thru 6 (containted in one book)
Dates Used: 2005-2008

This is so easy! The teacher need only read the sample sentences outloud (all with correct grammar) and the students repeat them. Hearing correct grammar reinforces correct grammar. (My kids are constantly correcting others!) You can do short daily lessons of about 10 sentences, or do multiple lessons each day. Tests are also given orally, which is great for dyslexic or "adhd" students.

Very rarely, maybe twice in the book, I've been confused by a single sentence's grammar useage, so I've chosen to skip over it. With the words "proved" and "proven" the author gives the "correct" grammar, but useage of "proven" has become acceptable over time. You also need to know that this program works best with Daily reinforcement. Using it once in a while won't be sufficient.

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