Sonlight - Core K

by Angelle
(Foley, AL)

Product: Sonlight Core K
Subject: History/Read-Aloud
Levels Used: Core K
Dates Used: 2008

Likes: I love all of the read-alouds chosen for this core. I liked having a daily plan to go by. Included in the schedule are comprehension question and narration suggestions. I enjoyed having these planned for me.

Dislikes: I had always heard that Sonlight was so much reading. I don't think there was enough in this core. My kids and I did not care for the Usborne books included with this core. My kids dreaded having to listen to them, leading me to stop before they were done.

My kids needed more stimulation than just reading the books. They wanted worksheets to color. And I wanted to have notebooking pages to have down for the kids to look back on and review.

I did not understand the flow of the history lessons. There didn't seem to be any reason you were reading things in the order you were. I just like things to be themed and a bit more logical. It just didn't know what my kids were suppose to be learning from the history books.

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