Sonlight Curriculum

by Dawn
(Quiet Corner, CT)

Product: Sonlight Curriculum
Subject: history
Levels Used: Core 3 + 4 and K
Dates Used: started in September 2009

Likes: I have always wanted to try Sonlight, but thought it would be too much work. I LOVE how the lesson plans are all laid out for you. I love how everything is included in one binder. I also love that you can choose to get the whole kit and caboodle or just the Instructors Guide and borrow most of the books from the library. VERY appealing to a homeschool family of 4 at different levels. My kids LOVE it (ages 5, 8, and 11). I also love the "snuggle time" and I'm learning a bunch of cool info too. Overall, Sonlight curriculum is my favorite yet.

Dislikes: The books change from older copyrights, so you can't just look at a current catalog to get the books you need. However, each Instructor's Guide does include a book list...just wish they had all the authors with the book list!

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