Sonlight Curriculum

by Yolindi
(Standish, Maine)

This is our 3rd year of using Sonlight to homeschool. We love it!

The program is expertly put together. I have been amazed at how well each new concept and idea is interwoven throughout all the subjects to reinforce ideas and historical events.

The books are excellent, engaging and fun. I have a grade 4, 2 and 1 and now a P3/4 child. I was unsure as to which program to use for my homeschooling years, but I thank God for showing me Sonlight.

The instructor guides are exceptional. Really, I mean exceptional. There's no guessing, it's so well laid out and integrates so well with different grades.

I have compared my children's learning experience with friends using other curricula, and have come to the conclusion that Sonlight is better. I think it's the way that they tie everything together so well, that reinforces concepts effortlessly. My children are not confused and find schooling fun.

I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anybody. The staff is great and very helpful.

Good luck with your home schooling choices. I am and will continue to use this program all through school, and highly recommend you using them.

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