Sonlight Pre-K

by Emily D.
(Victoria, Tx)

Product: Sonlight Pre-K with Readers K
Subject: Bible, Social Studies, Science, Music, Readiness Skills
Levels Used: From Sonlight - P3/4, Pre-K, Core 1, and Core 2
Dates Used: 1/11-current

Likes: I was a little overwhelmed at first when I made the decision to homeschool my children. My 10 year old loves Sonlight but I really noticed a change in my 5 year old daughter. She loves her school work. Her eyes light up when I say,"school time." This year we have been going through Pre-K titled "Exploring God's World." For me, having a Christian based curriculum was essential. Sonlight is just what we were looking for. We start each day with our Bible and each week we learn a new Bible verse. It's amazing to see my 5 year old reciting God's word to me. We also get to study about all the great heroes in the bible. The Family Time Bible that Sonlight picked for this package is second to none.

Science has been fun this year, we've learned about the weather and calendar. Social studies has been focused on "things people do" which gives my daughter a knowledge of how thing operate. Our storybook time has been fabulous. You can tell Sonlight takes their time in picking their books to have meaning and history. Each week we also learn a new song. "Yankee Doodle" has been a favorite so far. Readiness skills have been one of our favorites. My daughter really gets her gear turning when we do this lesson. It's loaded with visual, memory, and audio awareness skills. Which are essential for childhood development.

The teacher's guide is well laid out and easy to follow. Also, it's full of wonderful activities to do with your child.

Dislikes: The curriculum itself is a little more expensive than most I have browsed through. But I still think it's worth every penny.

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