Sonlight Readers & Read Alouds

by Renee

We have used Core 1 with Readers 2 Intermediate and have begun Core 2 Readers 2 Advanced. I absolutely love having so many interesting and award winning books available in our home for my daughter to read. They provide an excellent selection on a variety of topics.

We have also enjoyed the read alouds that come with each core. Many of the read alouds I had never read before and have now become our favorite books! My two year old also enjoys listening along. It is so important to read aloud to children a little everyday and having great books available makes it easier for the mom to schedule.

We read a chapter a day (if really long---split a chapter), sometimes it may take a few weeks to complete. We don't have to worry about returning it to the library by a certain date anymore. Before we used Sonlight we were not always able to find specific books in our small libary and if we requested them, rarely did they arrive when I needed them. I am looking forward to reading them again when my youngest begins Core 1 and 2.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of reading aloud, check our Jim Trelease book "The Read Aloud Handbook" or visit his website. Before I read his book, I was a true bookworm but I really did not enjoy reading aloud. However, when I found out how important it is to read to your children and the profound impact it can have on their education....I changed my attitude.

Sonlight is a simple way to have great books available that are enjoyable to read aloud. I highly recommend adding their book packages even if you use another curriculum.

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