Sonlight Review

Product: Sonlight
Subject: Literature based History
Levels Used: P3/4, P4/5, K, 3+4, 6, 7
Dates Used: 2006-present

Likes: We always enjoy Sonlight's book selections. P3/4 has been just the right fit for my 4 year old, with lots of colorful picture books and a relaxed pace with no schedule.

P4/5 increases in complexity and length of the books, increasing the Preschooler or Kindergartner's attention span and introducing them to new concepts. A schedule is included.

We found the read alouds in Core K delightful and the variety of ideas and concepts in all the Core K books sparked many new interests for my kids.

Core 3+4 was a very fun overview of American History, though since it is the condensed, one year version, it moves very fast. Core 6 and Core 7 have also made history come alive for us.

This is a great curriculum for a family who loves to read aloud and for kids who love to be read to. We have found that we get more out of the curriculum and enjoy it more if we use a core that is one or two numbers below their actual grade level. Some of the book choices can be on the mature side, especially starting with Cores 3 and above, so we prefer our kids not to get to them before they are ready.

We love the vocabulary and complex ideas our kids are introduced to through Sonlight's great literature selections. We like that the reading inspires them to go off and learn more or explore more on their own, long after we've finished the book. Their imaginations and creativity have been nurtured with these books.

We find SL to be a very well-rounded curriculum and feel confident using it all the way through our children's education.

For a visual child, there are not many pictures in SL books past Core K. We find it easy to add additional books, (Dk or Usborne style or related picture books), with pictures to add that element for our children who need it, or to look on the internet for related pictures. It's also easy to add a hands-on element through related activity books and coloring pages.

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