by Tina
(Standish, Maine)

We had just arrived in the USA after being in Kenya for 14 months. I knew I needed to jump in and start homeschooling our son but had no idea where to start. I did some research and talked to several moms with many years of homeschooling experience.

My husband and I felt very confident in our choice to start out with a complete New Comers package from Sonlight. They even have an online test to determine the reading level that your child is at so you can be sure to pick the correct package. I also spoke with a very friendly customer service person who was happy to confirm what I need to start with. We are delighted with it and think it was worth the money!

It did take me a bit of time to rearrange the info to suite my own style but once I did it has been easy to follow when ever we are ready to do a session. We have had plenty to work with and will will be carrying on next year with the lessons that we haven't gotten to yet. It is packed with books and hands on activities that we have loved. We are building a library that we will treasure for years and years. With each new year we will easily be able to select and add from Sonlight based on our needs and interest of our son. We recommend Sonlight to everyone! It would also be easy to adapt for teaching more than one child.

Oh, it came in the mail quickly! We didn't have to buy more than a pack of smile pencils and we were ready to go!

Happy Homeschooling!

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