by Amanda
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

Levels Used:Core P3/4, Core 4/5, Core K, Core 1+2
Dates Used:2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009-current

Likes:I love how Sonlight takes the best curriculum available and puts it all together for an outstanding program! The people at Sonlight truly care about homeschooling families and providing a top-notch education for those families.

From Art to Science and everything in between, Sonlight provides a most well-rounded curriculum that is beyond comparison with both public and private schools in our area! The literature simply makes their program indispensable for our family. It is a wonderful feeling to know my kids aren't missing a thing when it comes to academics.

Dislikes:The only possible complaints I have for Sonlight would be how Math and Art/Music are not specifically scheduled into the Instructor's Guides. There are blank spaces for you to fill in as you complete these subjects, but no written plan to follow.

I understand, however, that this is because there are multiple options in Math programs, and that Art/Music are electives and therefore left for the parent decide which program to use, if any. Not a big enough problem for me to use any other curriculum, though!

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