by Sarah H
(Kosciusko, MS. USA)

Product: Sonlight
Subject: History
Levels Used: Core 3
Dates Used: August 2009-May 2010

Likes: We loved the books! We loved the read aloud time together. The stories that are put together for this curriculum are so riveting. The adults get just as much enjoyment from them as the children do.

I like the pre-planned out lesson plans. Makes everything very easy and convenient.

I like that we can be done by noon and actually have learned something.

Dislikes: I don't like that it is (at least for us it was this way) not an independent way of learning. Maybe it could be but with teaching two different grade levels. (grade 6 & 4) I was having to sit right there with them through out the day.

I don't like that there is so much to have to be printed. Ink and paper can get costly over time. I for one can't afford to have to continually go out and buy more.

I wish wish the main IG along with the science IG and the Language Art IG were rolled into one. Having three huge IG's just is an inconvenience and takes up a lot of space.

Cost. I used it for one year and purchased 99% of mine used. There is no way I could ever afford a new Core. Even to make payments. And unless you purchase a certain amount from the Sonlight site/store, you are not allowed to join their membership. I couldn't afford to be apart of the Sonlighter's Club. :(

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