Story of the World is perfect for younger ages!

by Kim

Product: Story of the World
Subject: History
Levels Used: Year 1 - Ancient History
Dates Used: 2009-2011

Likes: Story of the World is the perfect history for younger grades. It's designed to be read aloud to younger ones and as such can be read independently by 4th grade and up. It reads like a story, engaging all of my children. They beg for me to read more. There is an activity book that lays it all for you. It has narration questions, narrations, maps, coloring pages, and fun activities. Aside from copying some maps and coloring pages it is open and go. Yes, open and go but engaging and fun! It is gentle, fun and easy for mom. The perfect history curriculum for younger ones.

Dislikes: The only real dislikes are ones that seem to bother others but not me. Susan Wise Bauer does present myths and other religions which many Christians feel young ones are not ready for. But in our family we discuss those things openly as they come and have found that to be a positive thing instead of negative.

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