Story of the World-- The way I wish I'd been taught history!

by Michelle
(Round Lake Beach, IL)

Product: Story of the World, Vol. 1. Ancient Times; Activity Book and Audio Book on CD

Subject: History

Levels Used: Vol. 1 used for my Kindergartener and 1st grader, continuing with it this school year for 1st and 2nd grader

Dates Used: Started in 2007, continuing this school year as we got off track and did not finish (due to my own scheduling difficulties, not the book's, which could totally be completed in a school year I believe)

Likes: Narrative tone makes history actually interesting to me, as well as the kids. They *ask* to listen to the history CDs, sometimes over and over again! Follows a logical progression.

Activity book includes maps, coloring sheets, project ideas (most of which we have not done due to my own laziness!), and additional reading materials lists (which we often get from the library). The activity book also includes questions for review, which I haven't used much in the past but may this year to gauge comprehension.

I love the map work!

Dislikes: Because it is a narrative, she does seem to take some liberties with the history. I don't like that it is not a Biblical history, but we supplemented our own Bible study. There is quite an emphasis on myths and gods.

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