Story of the World Vol. 2

by Laura O

Product: Story of the World
Subject: History PLUS
Levels Used: Vol. 2
Dates Used: 2008-2009 school year

Likes: History is presented for a younger child in bite sized portions. The conversational style of the text is appealing as well.

We had the audio recording along with the book and usually listened to the chapters rather than each child reading from the book. The activity book had lots of suggestions to really 'flesh' out your studies.

Dislikes: When the reformation era was reached, some of the chapters had many negatives of the Catholic Church. While some of the issues were real, this can be a challenge for a Catholic family to then teach the truth of the faith.

Personally, I welcome the discussion with my older sons (3rd and 6th grade at the time), but with my K son it would not go over as well. So, for a Catholic homeschool family you need to be forewarned that there might be 'problems' when you reach that time period in history.

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