Story of the World Volume 1

by Laura
(North East, MD USA)

Product: Story of the World Volume 1 book (original edition), audiobook, activity book and tests.

Subject: history with additional subjects added in as desired

Levels Used: 1st and 4th grade at the time

Dates Used: 2006- 2007 'school' year

Likes: Susan Wise Bauer has done a wonderful job covering ancient history for the younger student. My children loved to hear the stories that are throughout the book. We used the original version of the materials, including the audio of the text.

Our studies began with either myself or eldest son reading the text aloud. While it worked okay, I was thrilled to find the audio. We then switched to listening together to the audio while the boys colored sheets from the activity book. The activity book had more suggestions than we could possibly do and really brought the study to life for us. The test set is good if you want to test the students in a school like fashion.

Dislikes: The activity book was hard to copy without tearing out pages. Thankfully, the pages are perforated. However, being a person who does not like to mark up books, tearing them out was not appealing to me. Plus, I feared loosing pages if I did. Late in the year, I found that the company sells looseleaf sets of the student pages - an option I might pursue in future studies.

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