Story of the World

Product: Story of the World
Subject: History
Levels Used: Ancient Times (Vol 1)
Dates Used: 2008

Likes: We love Story of the World! We've read the book together and separately and we've listened to the book on CD in the car. The stories make history interesting and fun. My son has amazed strangers and shopkeepers by casual references to Remus and Romulus, Osiris and Set, or Julius and Augustus Caesar. The activity guide has pictures to color while the kids are listening to the stories as well as other hands-on activities that range from simple, independent activities to tasks which require adult co-operation and a bit of extra time.

Ancient Times covers the beginning of "civilization" through the fall of the Roman Empire.

Dislikes: Supplemental materials are needed to get a more in-depth understanding of history. Sometimes it is difficult for younger readers to understand when the book changes between history and mythology, so it does not work well as a completely independent study, even with the book on CD.

Note: The Audiobook is available with two different readers. The ones currently being sold by the publisher are read by Jim Weiss.

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