Student Writing Intensive B

by Kelly
(NW Oregon)

Student Writing Intensive B

Level: Grade 6 (for Grades 5-8)

I used this to teach a cooperative writing course.

It's a great curriculum for kids to watch and get an idea of the writing process.

I don't feel it's as useful as Teaching Writing: Style & Structure. Why? Because it's aimed at the students, the parents are more likely to let them watch it on their own. This is a shame. While I feel it's certainly better than a sub-standard curriculum, I really feel writing students need guidance and it's hard for Mom to thoroughly teach writing without some instruction to HER.

I liked that Andrew Pudewa is engaging and my kids found his DVDs far more tolerable because he was the instructor.

I didn't like that they less thorough than the TWSS DVDs. I also feel the binder sold along with the TWSS program is absolutely essential, though that could be bought separately. If you do buy one of the three levels of Student Writing Intensive, please strongly consider buying the TWSS binder separately.

It's a strong & thorough program and I would happily recommend it IF I hadn't used both TWSS & SWI. To compare the two of them I find TWSS the stronger of the two. If price is a consideration, I feel you'll get more for your $$ with TWSS. If you don't think you'd use TWSS and would be more likely to use SWI (because it's aimed at the children) do so, but please buy the binder as well.

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