Switched on Schoolhouse (all subjects)

by Melissa

Product: Switched on Schoolhouse (all 5 subjects plus electives)
Levels Used: 3rd-12th grades
Dates Used: 2000 to present

My family loves Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS). I love that most of the work is graded for me, the software is very customizable so fits most any homeschool style. We started using it when my older son was attending a private school that used it.

My older son, now graduated, is dysgraphic (handwriting is very difficult) so being able to do most all the work (except some math) on the computer, typing his answers, was a God-send. He graduated in 2007, using SOS from 7th grade through 12th.

My younger son has used SOS since 3rd grade, he's now in 6th. He loves the videos, tiny tutors and reinforcing games in the software.

We don't really have any dislikes when it comes to SOS, it is a great, well rounded, college-bound curriculum.

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