Switched on Schoolhouse History 3 and 6

by Cynthia

Product: Switched on Schoolhouse History
Subject: History
Levels Used: 3rd and 6th grades
Dates Used: 2003-2004, 2008-2009

The first time I used this program I was very frustrated.

The daily lessons were okay other than the fact that you had to type in the exact answer. I do like that there is instant feedback to the student on whether the question is right or wrong. But it is very frustrating and confusing to the student to get something marked wrong when the answer was actually correct, just misspelled.

The other thing that was very frustrating was that all the information was on the computer and you couldn't look back in a book to find information you had previously learned. Part of a good education to me is not only knowing the information but, perhaps more important, knowing where to find the information.

It is very nice that the grades and scheduling are all done for you. The message system between the teacher and students is also nice.

I tried the program again in 6th grade because my daughter wanted one of her classes on the computer. We are changing after 5 weeks. It is just busy work. She is not retaining the information. There is too much information covered in a year and no time to absorb it for long-term retention.

Another huge negative to me is that you cannot resell the product.

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