Switched on Schoolhouse

by Christina
(Petersburg, MI, USA)

Product: Switched on Schoolhouse
Subject: Bible, Science, Geography
Levels Used: grade 4
Dates Used: 2008

Likes: I love the concept of this program. They have video, maps and other multimedia things to help explain the concept to the child. There is also vocabulary games and quizzes. SOS follows closely with Alpha Omega's Lifepacs. I really liked the portability of this program. As we traveled it was easy to take the laptop with us and have all of my son's school work right there without toting around heavy books.

Dislikes: There are a few things that I did not like. First there is little handwriting so you may want to consider a penmanship cirriculum. Also before purchasing this you should consider whether your child will be able to sit in front of the computer for an extended period of time. This was very difficult for my son although I don't think it will be for my daughter. My son likes to be able to move from place to place while doing his school work. So if you have a wiggler this may not be right for your child.

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