Tapestry of Grace's Writing Aids

by Kelly
(NW Oregon)

Product: Tapestry of Grace - Writing Aids
Subject: Writing Grades 1-12
Levels Used: Grades 6, 8, 9
Dates Used: 2010 and 2011

Likes: My favorite part of the entire program is the Rubrics! We are now doing high school and I had NO idea how to go about grading my daughter's work. The rubrics included in Writing Aids makes it completely worth the cost even if you were to use NO other part of the program.

The CD has examples from various ages for different types of writing. I found this VERY useful. It is easier for me to evaluate my children's writing abilities when I have something to compare/contrast with.

It's a great manual to hand a child so that they can see clearly what is expected in their writing. It's very specific to each type of writing. It has a "checklist" to give the children. In other words, they can (and should) be handed the rubrics in order to self check their writing before handing in a final draft. It encourages accountability.

It even addresses "tone" of writing. It encourages opinion writing to have a generous and graceful voice. I love that she encouraged this. One can state one's opinion without being condescending or sarcastic. She clearly emphasizes clear, concise, supported writing.

Dislikes: This is NOT a "how to write" instructor's guide. I personally feel it is not a stand alone product. The binder lists all the different suggestions and types of writing one might ever use or need to use. It is an "encyclopedia" of writing assignments. You can look up "Expository Essay" for example and find out all the requirements/guidelines and what an expository essay should encompass.

Other: It works EXTREMELY well with Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. I've felt that Excellence in Writing's TWSS is an excellent "how to" program that teaches a child the basics of writing but leaves the mother wondering what writing she should assign. I feel Writing Aids isn't meant to be a "how to write" program but truly does an outstanding job of providing a manual that gives clear application and concise guidelines good writing pieces should meet. They really go hand in hand.

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