Teach your child to LOVE reading with Sonlight!

by Christie
(Portsmouth, VA)

Product: Sonlight
Subject: History, Bible, Reading, Science, Language
Levels Used: Core 1, 2
Dates Used: 2007, 2008, 2009

Likes: We love Sonlight! The history reading is very interesting - and I thought I didn't like history! The children really enjoy history now, thanks to Sonlight.

Before Sonlight my 9 year old boy absolutely would not read anything. Last year we went out to eat and we actually had to beg him to put his book down! This is what Sonlight does! It teaches the children to read and to love to read!

The science curriculum has greatly improved over the last year or so. The kids enjoy it as well.

The read aloud section gives my husband a bonding time with the children in the evening. He really enjoys reading to them!

I really enjoyed the Bible curriculum for core 1! I really hope the other books are at least half as good as that!

Dislikes: Sometimes I get overwhelmed - there are SOOO many good books and we just want to read them all! I learned that keeping up the instructor guide is not necessary and we can pick up where we left off if we are not able to finish reading the entire chapter today.

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