Teaching Textbooks is Too Expensive

by Rebekah
(San Antonio, TX, US )

Product: Teaching Textbooks
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry
Dates Used: August 2008- June 2010

Likes: Teaching Textbooks is a fairly thorough program. Also, students who get behind or ahead can work at their own pace.


1) Cost. This program is (unreasonably) expensive. Families and co-ops on a budget will end up burning through their balance on this program alone.

2) Lack of learning style differentiation. Most parents/ teachers are tempted to just use the CDs, but kids with tactile/kinetic as their primary learning style will struggle with this visual/audible program.

3) Customer service. As the curriculum coordinator for our small Christian school (less than 100 students), I've had to call Teaching Textbooks several times (upwards of 10 times), and have YET to have a positive experience. Each and every operator (and one supervisor) I spoke with was abrupt, curt, and discourteous. I was even hung up on once.

All in all, the cons far outweigh the pros. I feel no compunction to throw the little tuition we do charge at a company that treats its customers as a burden. Since most homeschooling families operate on a single income and mom is the one who has to spend her valuable time ordering books, I thoroughly recommend choosing a different math program.

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