Teaching Textbooks - WOW !!!

by Debra
(Denver, Colorado USA)

Product: Teaching Textbooks
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Levels 4, 5 and 6
Dates Used: July 2010 - Current

I absolutely LOVE this program. Teaching Textbooks TT is an easy to use and fundamentally sound curriculum. The materials have built in repetition and a natural progression needed for math success.

The strongest aspect of the program for the teacher (mom or dad) is the computer based and immediate grading. The grading for each exercise, each quiz and the bonus rounds is extremely helpful. This has added HOURS to each day and time to address other subjects or focus on helping understand the steps in specific math concepts.

The strongest aspect for our student is the ability to view the process or steps needed to reach the right answer. The program supports our auditory and kinesthetic learner with strong visual cues in a repeatable and easy to understand manner.

The repetition of math facts, the natural progression by level of difficulty and the ability to view the steps needed to reach the right answer for each equation is excellent. The fact that it is on the computer also reinforces keyboarding with the number pad. I could say more but . . . Just try it and you will see for yourself !!!

It would be nice to see separate workbook style site for specific equations to use for review.

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