Teaching Textbooks

by Katy
(Lakewood, California, USA)

Product: Teaching Textbooks
Subject: Algebra II, Math
Levels Used: High school Algebra 2, Elementary level 5, 6
Dates Used: 2009-2011

Likes: I love this curricula mostly for its computer component for the elementary grades. My 5th grader has a learning disability that affects his reading. Attempting to do math while having to read the instructions and explanations can be overwhelming for him.

The computer component of this program has a cute reward graphic that he likes but it's not distracting. The colors are neutral, it's attractive but not tiring or over stimulating for the eyes. The part I like most is that is orally reads the problem to him. He does not waste mental energy struggling to read the book--he can get right to the problems and do the work.

This has helped him tremendously. It also auto corrects and shows him how to do the problem IF he gets it wrong. This saves me lots of time and energy.

Dislikes: The high school subjects like Algebra, do not have a computer component. It would be great if they did. It would save time for the 'instructor' or mom.

Also, I have been told that the levels are not really grade levels. That can work for or against you. If your child is below grade level that is fine. However, if you are expecting to simply purchase the book by its number that corresponds to your child's grade, you may find it is too easy. My child is in 5th grade and I purchased level 5. It was too easy.

It is not hard to catch up though, you can simply purchase the next level up. I have started my 3rd grader on level 5.

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