Teaching Textbooks

Product: Teaching Textbooks
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Grades-6,7,Pre-Algebra,Algebra
Dates Used: 2006-2008

Likes: Our oldest son really disliked Math, so Math was always a real chore at our house. After watching the demo we were sold, and the program is as good as it looks. Now Math is one of the easiest subjects of our day. It's easy not because the material isn't challenging, but because they boys aren't challenging me about doing it.

I tell people all the time about this program. Most moms are like me in that they need programs like Teaching Textbooks to free up their time to teach other subjects. The program was written specifically for homeschoolers and is like hiring a teacher to come into your home each day and teach your students.

Dislikes: The younger grades have automatic grading and a computerized grade book. I wish that this was available for Pre-Algrebra and up through the higher maths.

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