Teaching Textbooks

by Patte
(Hixson, TN)

Product: Teaching Textbooks
Subject: Math
Levels Used: 5,6 and pre-algebra
Dates Used: Started Aug. 2009

I have been a home school mom for 13 years and in that time I have found it very hard to keep up and follow up in math with my children. I have a large family and at times the children would have a difficult problem with their lesson and I wouldn't get around to helping them for a day or so. I have switched math books several times but still have struggled with feeling I wasn't giving my children the best math education.

This year we switched three children to Teaching Textbooks and we love it. The kids start their math without me asking them. They say that math is their favorite subject, when asked. This is very freeing to me. I feel so blessed to have found this curriculum.

Likes: The computer program interacts with the children, it works them through the problems, they can't skip by ones they miss, it walks them through the whole process of the missed problem after two attempts.

Dislikes: My only complaint would be that if the child switches computers for different lessons you lose those lessons in the grade book.

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