Teaching Writing with Sentence & Structure

Outstanding program.

The DVDs are created for the parent/instructor to watch and then to teach the student. I feel these are very thorough and help prepare a parent to better teach the student. Writing can be VERY overwhelming. This breaks the process down into small, digestible chunks.

Andrew Pudewa is interesting and engaging. The DVDs are broken down into sections, meant to be watched a bit at a time rather than as one whole.

Truly, you need to own the binder. This will be your way to later refer back to apply what you, as a teacher, have learned so that you can apply it to your student's literature selections, history and/or science readings, etc.

I believe it's a great program for teaching children the process of writing. Moreover I believe the most important part of IEW's core belief about writing is the application of it to your current curriculum. If you're reading about knights, write about knights. If you're reading a section on komodo dragons, do an outline and a rewrite on komodo dragons! Children should be reading and then writing! Application!

I think IEW (along with TT) is the most valuable curriculum we've found in our 10+ years of homeschooling so far.

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