Texas Connections Academy at Houston

by Amy McAda
(Portland, TX USA)

Product: TCAH (Texas Connections Academy at Houston)
Levels Used: 6,7,8
Dates Used: 2 years

Likes: Flexibility/support

Dislikes: TAKS

Comments: Texas Connections Academy at Houston has been a great pleasure in our household. We have used it for 2 years and have been thrilled with it. The support the teachers give enables us to be as flexible as we have with traditional homeschooling, yet have the backup of the teacher with the student/learning coach I needed.

I feel my boys have received a good education and when they know something we move on instead of waiting on the class, and when they get stuck, we take our time and do it slowly. I have a cranky teenager that loves to sleep and do class at his own pace, in traditional public school setting, this killed him to be awake when he wasn't ready. Now, we have a deal worked where he gets his sleep and I get to see GREAT GRADES!

I do not like that they still have to take the TAKS (or whatever they will rename it to be), but it's a task that has to be done.

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